Greenacres, Florida
SATURDAY. MAY 18, 2014

The 16th Annual Nam Knights Rock’n Roll Sunday Rocks! A fun day for the whole family. Food, entertainment and music for everyone. Classic Car Show… Vendors … Music PROCEEDS GO TO THE PALM BEACH COUNTY NAMKNIGHTS MC CHARITIES (including: VA hospital, Vetsville Cease Fire House, and deserving local Veterans and Law Enforcement families)

chrysler-DSC_53281947 Chrysler Coupe

These cars were enormously successful at the time, and over 2.2 million of the 1946 – 1948 cars were built in the United States.



Chrysler-DSC_53291947 Chrysler In Da Hood

All Chrysler cars used valve-in-block engines, not the overhead valve engines. Chrysler’s valve-in-head engines were old by 1946, and were less efficient that the overhead valve designs which would supercede them. But the Chrysler engines produced peak power at low engine speed, which meant less stress and longer engine life.


Chrysler-DSC_53301947 Chrysler Under the Roof

All Chrysler bodies were built by Briggs Manufacturing. On most models, the rear seat was forward of the rear axle, not on top of it, which allowed additional passenger room. There are numerous small details even in the low priced models which suggest the engineers were paying attention and not looking for the cheapest way to build the car.