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Car Show Cruisers covers car shows better than Fox News is our attempt to add a little humor to the show. We know Fox News doesn’t cover car shows, so by an undisputed default we win! If our proclamation offends you then CSC wants to make it up to you. Click here to receive your just reward.

Our one person staff discovered this video while cleaning the archive tape bucket. It’s the last leg of the FASCAR Sunbelt Series 200 lap Triple Crown Event from USA International Speedway in Lakeland, Florida on August 11, 2007. It was aired on local cable in the central Florida area in 2007, and has been in the can ever since. Because I produced and directed the event… I have the master tape, and so I share it with you. It has never been viewed anywhere else. It’s an exclusive Car Show Cruisers broadcast. Enjoy.